It is often useful to share file among different users, friends, colleagues, employees in any environment, but What if the file contains sensitive information?  Surely it won't be worth taking a risk when you know eavesdropper or your competitors would take there first chance and can let you in miserable state . Encryptus UI Frankly to say, … Continue reading Encryptus

Ultimate Packer for eXecutable – Interactive

Now Achieves excellent Compression/Decompression ratio over your favourite programs with few clicks with Ultimate Packer for eXecutable - Interactive(aka UPX-I). UPX-I offers easy graphical user interface for the popular UPX EXE Compressor.It's interface is very simple and user-friendly, it offers easy access to most documented UPX parameters without the need for command-line usage. Key features and … Continue reading Ultimate Packer for eXecutable – Interactive