It is often useful to share file among different users, friends, colleagues, employees in any environment, but What if the file contains sensitive information?  Surely it won’t be worth taking a risk when you know eavesdropper or your competitors would take there first chance and can let you in miserable state .

Encryptus User Interface

Encryptus UI

Frankly to say, it’s better to encrypt your file and then make them travel to other side of the network. In this way you are sure that a legit user can make much better use of that file as compared to the eavesdropper.

For this sole purpose, Encryptus program can be the one of powerful weapon in you arsenal. Encryptus is a freeware program for windows platform which aims at encrypting any file on your system whether it is text file, a ms word document, a executable file or simply a image file.

Encryptus prides itself on being simple, effective yet easy to use drag and drop interface. Meanwhile, don’t worry if you file size is large, Encryptus in built Compression switch can be toggled on an hurrah! your file are will be compressed using commonly used zip compression method.

Encryption Algorithms supported Encryptus:

  1. Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)
  2. Blowfish
  3. CAST
  4. Data Encryption Standard (DES)
  5. International Data Encryption Algorithm (IDEA)

But wait, have we talked about compression… Oh yes, then what about decompression on the other end? Likewise if Encryptus gets a compressed-encrypted file then it should not worry you as long as it has been encrypted by Encryptus, it can automatically decompress your “encrypted-zip” file provided you have the right key.
Encryptus provides much more options to tweak with your file and folder with its explorer like Interface. So what are you waiting for download a copy of encryptus today.

Download: Encryptus.zip (3.76Mb)

Note: Encryptus has large scope for improvement, Please don’t hesitate to provide feedback or criticize us,make good use of comment box below.